Safety Solutions for Seniors in Orange County


Sometimes medications can be tricky to figure out and can be potentially dangerous if you don’t understand what is exactly prescribed to you.  Here are some Dos and Don’ts that can help safely improve your health with the given drugs presented in this WebMD guide.  Always take the drugs exactly as they are prescribed, and make sure all the doctors know about all the medications you take to avoid complications.  In addition, any over the counter medications, vitamins, and supplements should also be reported to the doctor.  Using one pharmacy to fill all the prescriptions can simplify the tracking of medications in case it is needed. Actions to avoid include changing the dose or schedule of the medication, take someone else’s prescriptions, crushing the pills without instructed to do so, taking medications past the expiration date, or store medications in too hot or too cold of an environment.

Caregivers like Marilyn Aldana, Sabrina Frarence, and Krishna Javier from A-1 Home Care have the knowledge and experience to conduct medication administration for seniors and elderly during their in home care services.  Providing high quality services in the communities of Tustin, Irvine, Santa Ana, Villa Park, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Anaheim Hills, and other cities around Orange County, we are proud to be the home care solution for over 20 years  for many clients.  Testimonials show that many have enjoyed services like Alzheimer Care, Arthritis Care, Parkinson Care, After Surgery Care, Cancer Care, Incontinence Care, Hospice Care, and much more.  Therefore, we can guarantee that you will find a compatible caregiver for your elderly loved ones from A-1 Home Care.

To hire one of our many experienced caregivers, call 949-650-3800, or visit to get more information.

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