Senior Friendly Summer Fun

Many things change as we enter the years of senior living; medication schedules, dietary guidelines-mobility.  The latter can be more impactful than we think.  For many of us, our home may not be where we spend the bulk of our time.  Between work and other obligations, our residence can often be more of a place to retire in the evening and get ready for our day at in the morning time.  For many seniors, their home can become all they know and in some cases days may be spent simply managing to get through them addressing only daily essentials.  Save for medical appointments and special holidays, many seniors often do not leave their residence.  As a family member, loved one or Caregiver, there can be much joy in helping your special senior in getting out of the house every once in a while. But what should you do on your outing?  What would they enjoy the most?  What is going to be safe for them to partake in?  At A-1 Home Care, the health and well-being of all Seniors and Elderly is something very near and dear to our hearts so we have compiled some activities that you can enjoy with your loved one in some Senior friendly summer fun.

A Sunday Cruise- In the days of yesteryear, it was commonplace for a lovely Sunday afternoon to be spent with family on a nice drive about town.  With complications and circumstances making things like this less common place today, many seniors would enjoy getting out of the residence and taking in some sights of their home town.  It can be quite interesting for them to see developments and growth in areas they were familiar with in earlier years.  Our Senior Caregivers, which are available on a 24 Hour Live-In basis, can help your loved one take in the views and enjoy top level Companion Care.

Let’s Visit the Zoo- With Spring being birth time for many different types of animals, the summer can be a great time to visit the animals and see adorable new born species.  A-1 Home Care Pro-Tip: the use of a wheelchair, whether regularly needed or not, can make longer walks less of a chore for your loved one.  With any sort of adventure with your loved one out of the home, pay mind to their condition at all times: are they thirsty? Are they hungry? Is there too much sun? Are they tired?  If there are signs letting you know it might be time to call it day, let them know you can return soon if they so wish.

Visit a pal- It is not uncommon in Elder years for some to lose touch with friends.  Health concerns, loss of a spousal partner and mobility issues can all surmount to seniors not seeing their buddies for months or even years.  Arranging a meal or even a visit can mean a lot to both parties.  Other ideas could include visiting a park or restaurant.

A-1 Home Care is the home care agency of choice for doctors, case managers and social workers across Los Angeles and Orange County.  State licensed, bonded and insured, we put all of our caregivers through an extensive criminal and DMV background check before they are ever placed with clients.  Call us today at (949) 650-3800 or (562) 929-8400 to learn more!

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