Hobbies to Reduce Stress in Orange County

Do you often find yourself worrying of your parent? Do they have any interests? Anything in particular? Favorites hobbies?

We strongly encourage at A-1 Home Care that our seniors always stay active as much as possible for the sake of their health, as well as the time to share a bond, or companionship, with someone else; other than their caregiver. Here in the Orange County, it is difficult to not find something to do or somewhere to go. The city is a busy bee itself, and the chances of not ending up at the beach or close to it are slim. So do yourself a favor for your parent, as well as yourself, and see what peaks their interest and what is something that they, perhaps, want to pick back up or tackle on for the first time.

Check out and share this list of some of the hobbies that your parent should take up (or revisit):

  • Arts & Crafts – building, knitting, painting, sewing, writing
  • Sports (check with their doctor on what is best with their health) – dancing, golf, jogging, pilates, running, stretching, swimming, tennis, yoga
  • Travel the world! (again, of course with doctor’s approval)
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Community Services/Volunteering – city, libraries, schools

The list can go on and on! If you would like some further guidance on our services, then give us a call at our Orange County branch 949-650-3800 or be sure to visit our website www.a-1homecare.com for other office listings around the area in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, and more.

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